RE: At the centre of all galaxies is a Black Hole.

in Physics Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:48 am
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Further to the above.
It is my belief that for matter to exist it must interact. This interaction is the instigation of energy/ force. If this energy/ force grows so strong as to contain matter, as in a black hole, matter must win out eventually. Coz when matter increases, so to the energy/ force it produces and must out grow the containing force of a black hole.
A black hole is created by the gravity of mass trying to concentrate matter into a single point, a finality.
There are two theories:
(1) That the finality can not be reached and the increase in attracted matter overpowers the force = Big Bang.
(2) That the finality is reached, but for a nano- second at a zero point = Big Bang.
Personally I go for (1).

I see,I pick number one too,anyway the Big Bang theory seems simple but it takes some of the most powerful human minds ever to create it,this include:Nicolause,Kepler,Galileo,Isaac Newton,Hubble,Einstein and some others,the theory is complex and mind blowing,very hard to imagine,even now we are piecing the pieces of the puzzle together.

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